EER & ETD Core Bobbins

EER and ETD Core Bobbins


We have earned a special reputation in the market by offering  ETD, EC & EER core bobbins. We offer these bobbins  in different models and technical specifications. Our bobbins find wide applications in different industries. Our products are very much appreciated in the market for exclusive features such as excellent performance, low maintenance, high durability and thermal stability, besides being sold at very competitive price.  Our highly qualified and experienced technicians check quality of products at every level of production.

We offer following Series:

EC Core Bobbins:- EC-42.19, EC-42.19, EC-42.15, EC-42.15, EC-40, EC-20

ETD Core Bobbin:- ETD-54, ETD-49, ETD 44, ETD-39, ETD-29.10, ETD-34, ETD-12.10

EER Core Bobbin :-